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    How to Get a Bathroom With a Hint of Glamour

    Posted on 27-Mar-2018 14:38:13

    Your bathroom is one of the busiest places in your home. It is the place where you begin your day and it is the place where you end it. Additionally, when you sell a house, the bathroom is one of the places that buyers look to be "wowwed." With so much importance riding on your bathroom, maybe you should give it a little glamour! Making it an amazing space will help get your day off to a great start and give you something to appreciate in the evening. And, should you ever decide to sell your home, having a beautiful bathroom will add to its value. Here are some ways to add a bit of glamour to your bathroom.

    Colour Schemes

    The colours you choose for your bath are an important part of the overall feel. Cool tones like blues, greens and greys are popular for creating a calm atmosphere, while using lighter shades can also help the room feel light, airy and spacious. You may, however, decide on something more opulent and bold like a deep red or brilliant yellow. The color scheme you choose will help determine the statement you make.


    deep red tones can add glamour to your bathrooms



    For a truly glamorous bath, you need fine materials. You may think of things like marble bench tops and ceramic tiles, but do not be afraid of adding wood elements like cabinets or shelving to break up the landscape. A finely finished simple wood cabinet with a natural finish and clean lines can add just the right natural element to your modern bathroom design. You can even find porcelain tile for the floor that looks like wood for a classic appeal. If you are trying to create a glamorous space, high-end materials are the way to go, as they are attractive and also offer quality.

     marble bench tops and ceramic tiles can create an attractive natural feel



    The vanity is the place where everyone stops on their way in or out to make themselves presentable, so you should have a large mirror and plenty of lighting. If you have room, you should make sure to have a double vanity so that there is space for you and your partner to get ready at the same time. And while a low-profile sink can be understated and very elegant, a vessel sink is more attention-grabbing and can add visual interest. Read our additional tips for selecting a bathroom vanity.

     set up your vanity with a large mirror and low sink to add visual interest



    Not long ago, a tub was considered the height of luxury in the bathroom. But in such a busy world where most people do not have time for a bath, walk-in showers are on everyone's must-have list. But why not have both!? The well-appointed bath can have a beautifully tiled shower complete with glass enclosure and rainfall shower head for that refreshing morning wash. In the evening, when winding down from a long day, enjoy a relaxing soak in a gorgeous, free-standing tub.

     beautifully tiled showers with glass enclosure and a rainfall shower for a refreshing morning


    Statement Pieces

    A statement piece is a piece which you can build your design around. It might be the antique mirrors that you love so much that you want to hang them over your vanity, or it might be the stunning settee or a piece of artwork you want to make a place for in your bathroom. Whatever the piece is, make sure you have enough room for it to fit in and look natural.


    piece of artwork above a hanger can create the perfect statement piece


    You deserve a little glamour in your life, and your bathroom is a good place to start. If you are looking for more bathroom renovation ideas, use these suggestions to give your bathroom a hint of glamour, and head into Cook & Bathe to chat with our experts at our Melbourne bathroom showrooms.

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