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    Bourne Bathrooms UPDATE

    Posted on 14-Feb-2018 17:17:25

    Bourne Bathrooms has been a trusted Melbourne bathroom supplier since 1992, when it was originally known as Budget Plumbing.

    Since then, Bourne Bathrooms have continued to grow, which was highlighted in 2005 when it changed its name from Budget Plumbing to Bourne Bathroom and Kitchen Centre.  

    Cook & Bathe are proud to be a part of the Bourne Buying Group, playing a key role in lifestyle solutions which specialises in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

    Modern Caroma Bathroom

    If you have previously enjoyed Bourne Bathrooms products, you will love the great selection available at Cook & Bathe.

    Whether you are building brand new or updating an existing space, Cook & Bathe will help you create a sanctuary within the home, and guide you through the process from idea to installation.

    Come visit our showrooms in Flemington and Fawkner or browse our online product range to find your personal solution today.

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