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    What to consider when buying a bathroom lot

    Posted on 10-Apr-2018 14:36:58
    When you’re considering renovating a bathroom, or building a new one, it is important to think about the items you will need, when you will need them and whether the elements are consistent with each other, and the design of the bathroom.

    One way to ensure that you meet each of these requirements is by purchasing a bathroom ‘lot’. The products in your lot will depend on the size of your bathroom and its purpose, as well as your budget.

    Powder Room

    If you’re creating a powder room you will need a vanity, tapware and a toilet. These are the fundamental needs of your powder room, and it is also favourable to add a mirror. You should also think about bathroom accessories, as these help make your powder room more functional, organised and aesthetically pleasing. Some accessories to consider may include feature lighting or a hand towel rail or hook.

    a powder room requires a vanity, tapware and a toilet


    On the other hand, if you are creating a bathroom, your bathroom lot will require more fundamental products. You will need to choose a vanity, tapware and a toilet as well as a bath or shower (or both), a shower screen and tapware for your shower/bath. You will then need to consider bathroom accessories, such as a mirror, towel racks, shelving and a toilet roll holder.



    For an ensuite, you will most likely require similar items to a regular bathroom. Think about a vanity, tapware, toilet, shower base, shower screen, shower head, and toilet. And don't forget accessories.

    When designing your renovation you must always think about how many people will be using your bathroom, ensuite or powder room, and how often. Is it a family home or a two bedroom apartment? And do you often entertain guests?

    what to consider when choosing a bathroom lot 

    Because there is so much to keep in mind when choosing your bathroom products, a bathroom lot can help you keep tabs on what is needed (and when it is needed by), your budget, and accessories that you might want in order to make a comfortable bathroom. After all, everyone starts and ends their day in the bathroom or ensuite, and it is important that you carefully plan and execute your dream bathroom.

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