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    Customise your Bathroom with Cook & Bathe

    Posted on 13-Feb-2018 12:17:01

    At Cook & Bathe, we are here to help you find your own personal solution, and love bringing your ideas and designs to life.

    As your bathroom is your sanctuary within the home, we encourage you to create your own tapware colour combinations and individualise your personal space. Our expert team will happily guide you through this process from idea to installation.

    Below are some photos from a customer’s recently created tapware combination.

    The customer picked a Faucet Strommen tap from their Pegasi range, and has used a colour combination of matt white and chrome to give their bathroom space the perfect finish, reflecting their own personal taste.

    matt white and chrome tapware colour combination from Faucet Strommen Faucet Strommen Pegasi range - matt white and chrome tapware colour combination

    Coloured faucet finishes is a trend that's recently been taking over, with black and metallic tapware also proving popular. Read more about how you can customise your new faucets with a coloured finish. 

    Whether you are building brand new or are making some changes to an existing space, Cook & Bathe has a great range of bathroom products and tapware colour combinations, along with a friendly team to guide you through the product selection and installation process. View Cook & Bathe bathroom range online or visit our showrooms in Flemington and Fawkner. 

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