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    Master the Art of Bathroom Storage

    Posted on 26-Feb-2018 16:24:50

    Bathrooms are often quite small compared to the amount of items we want to keep in them. Even a spacious bathroom can suffer from a lack of storage space, with much of the available space devoted to a shower, bath, large vanity and mirror.

    In any redesign, make sure that you've considered the following options as you make space and location choices. These choices ensure that you don't find yourself with unsightly piles of items or storage that is hard to access.

    Vanity Drawers

    For your most-used items, you'll want quick and easy access with a minimum of reaching and moving. Drawers can be perfect for this, usually in the vanity but not right under the sink. Choosing shallow drawers may actually be a better idea than deep ones, as deep drawers encourage piling of items rather than conscious organisation. If you choose a vanity with no space for drawers, experiment with free standing drawers or one or two drawers mounted under or near the vanity, in line with your design.

    master bathroom storage with vanity storage draws

    Mirror Storage

    For bathrooms that want to aim for a sleek design, like these choices from Vogue, a great way to disguise storage is to place shallow shelves behind your main mirror. The most common items, which tend to end up just sitting on the vanity, can be safely ensconced behind the reflection of your face. One technique recommended by Vogue for making a small bathroom feel roomier is to install mirrored cabinets in other parts of the bathroom. This creates the illusion of wider space and still keeps everything from bath towels to cleaners out of sight. 

    Under-Sink Storage

    By far the most common spot for large-scale bathroom storage, the under-sink area doesn't have to be an ugly army of crusty cleaning products. Instead, work to incorporate sliding baskets or shelves to make sure that even the smaller under-sink areas can be utilised without reaching too far for any item. This is also a great spot to keep extra hand soap, toilet rolls and other bathroom products.

    Free Standing Shelves and Cabinets

    To truly achieve the storage space you desire, an extra set of shelves or cabinets somewhere in the bathroom can make it much easier to keep everything you need. A compartment for a hair dryer, a linens section for extra clean towels, and space for your favourite make-up or hair care products all start to stretch the limits on the average bathroom.

    To make sure that these extra shelves or cabinets are still part of a harmonious design, consider varying up the size and shape of cabinets, and mixing cabinets and open shelves. After all, the sight of a pile of clean white towels can actually be a beautiful addition to your bathroom, and open shelves mean you can take advantage of any natural light by incorporating small house plants into the design.

    Standalone Accessories

    When designing for minimalism, it is sometimes easy to aim too minimal, but there are various storage structures that cannot be hidden easily behind a drawer or a cabinet. Soap dishes, towel bars, and toilet roll holders all provide a needed storage spot for essential bathroom items, and allow items like soap and hand towels to dry without causing moisture build-up. Having an abundance of towel bar space can make it easier to store enough towels without needing an extra cupboard for them in your bathroom.

    Need more ideas for fitting all the perfectly organised items into your bathroom in a way that makes them accessible? Visit Cook and Bathe, your source for high-quality, efficient, and beautiful bathroom furnishings.

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