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    Domain’s Kitchen Trend Predictions for 2019: Do We Agree?

    Posted on 22-Oct-2018 09:00:00

    With just a couple of months left in 2018, we’re starting to look ahead to the trends that will be carried through to next year and the predictions have already began rolling in. Real estate website Domain has been closely following renovation series, The Block, to glean an idea of which kitchen designs are proving strongest, along with the styles likely to fare well in 2019.

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    Topics: Kitchen, Renovation Tips, Cooktops

    The Differences Between Induction Cooktops and Regular Cooktops

    Posted on 11-May-2018 14:36:13

    Home-owners have been warming up to the idea of induction cooktops in recent years. Induction cooktops have the advantage of being able to heat the food faster while wasting less energy in the process. But are they for everyone? Let's see how they compare with regular cooktops that are in use in many Melbourne kitchens.

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    Topics: Cooktops

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