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    The importance of kitchen storage

    Posted by Doug Ross on 13-Mar-2018 15:01:16

    Kitchen hacks and storage solutions may get a lot of attention online, but when really trawling through kitchen storage ideas, no two kitchens should ever be alike. This is because no two chefs are the same.

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    If You Love to Entertain, You Must Have These Kitchen Items

    Posted by Grace Kirkby on 07-Mar-2018 09:28:00

    If you love having friends and family over, you know that the kitchen is at the heart of entertaining. You cannot entertain guests without refreshments, and what could be a better excuse for gathering friends than hosting a dinner?

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    Choosing an Oven and Cooktop that will suit you

    Posted by Grace Kirkby on 05-Mar-2018 11:23:34

    Are you building a new kitchen or renovating an existing one? If you are like most Melbourne homeowners, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with so many options available when it comes to selecting kitchen appliances and supplies. One of the major decisions people face is selecting an oven and cooktop, as they are both vital components of the kitchen. Here are some basic guidelines that can help you choose the oven and cooktop that is best for you, and your new kitchen.

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    Creating a Beautiful Alfresco Kitchen

    Posted by Anthony Ierardi on 20-Feb-2018 15:41:30

    There's nothing like alfresco dining. It's wonderful to get outside into the open air and enjoy the day. One of the best times for alfresco dining is in the early evening, as sunset turns to twilight while you hold a glass of crisp white wine in your hand. Australia's weather means that enjoying the outdoors is a part of everyday life.

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    The Tiny House Movement

    Posted by Doug Ross on 14-Feb-2018 17:46:08

    There is a reason the tiny house movement has increased in popularity in recent years, and it goes beyond an appreciation for some great kitchen hacks. Tiny houses have been around for a long time but their recent popularity is a reflection of changes in social attitudes towards how we use our living spaces, and how our living spaces can have such a significant impact on our mental health and lifestyles in general.

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    6 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen look and feel bigger

    Posted by Grace Kirkby on 07-Feb-2018 10:00:00

    Your kitchen is the centre of your home where people tend to congregate, it's important to make this area feel as welcoming and open as possible. If you have a small kitchen, this can be more challenging if you don't know a few tricks. Fortunately there are several methods that can visually enhance a small kitchen. Here are six basic ways you can make a small kitchen look and feel bigger.

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    5 things people overlook when planning a new kitchen

    Posted by Doug Ross on 06-Feb-2018 14:09:08

    You may have decided that your new kitchen will feature brass and timber, include integrated appliances and blur the lines between the living room and the kitchen by extending the kitchen island out further than ever before. But have you accounted for those little things people overlook when planning a new kitchen?

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    Kleenmaid partners with Good Chef Bad Chef

    Posted by Anthony Ierardi on 31-Jan-2018 13:05:59

    Well renowned kitchen appliance brand Kleenmaid have recently began a partnership with popular Channel 10 cooking program Good Chef, Bad Chef, which airs every weekday on the network at 4pm.

    Show anchor and “bad chef” Adrian Richardson, and food nutritionist Rosie Mansfield (the “good chef”), have started Good Chef Bad Chef's 10th season in style, and 

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    10 Things To Think About Before Renovating Your Kitchen

    Posted by Doug Ross on 29-Jan-2018 16:30:00

    Have you finally had enough of that broken cutlery drawer? Or perhaps you just moved into your dream home and it needs a touch of love. A kitchen renovation can be key to successfully flipping a property, or to inspire an entirely new way in which you, your family and friends interact within your home.

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    When is the right time to renovate your kitchen or bathroom?

    Posted by Doug Ross on 25-Jan-2018 11:00:00

    Kitchen renovation, along with bathroom renovation might sound like an arduous project, but it is important to understand when is the right time to bring your ideas and designs to life. Regardless of your personal taste and budget, there are several signs to look out for.

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